Award winning motivational speaker, business consultant, anti-knife crime campaigner, avid charity fundraiser, and author of best selling book ‘Still Standing’.

Still Standing

Friday March 4th 2016 in broad daylight and near a busy suburban centre, eight month pregnant Natalie, on leave from her busy pharmaceutical manager job, was stabbed 24 times in the street with a 12 inch carving knife in the most vicious attack imaginable, lasting 9 minutes in total. 

She suffered horrific life-critical wounds to her major organs and main arteries. After heroic intervention by passers-by and police, an air ambulance rescue was launched, and against all medical odds, Natalie and her baby survived – but not without life-changing physical and emotional damage. 

Her book, Still Standing, documents the before, during and the important rebuild after such a monumental life-shattering event – not only pulling life back together after horrific physical and emotional destruction but building a better, more empowered and rewarding life.

Three years on from her horrific ordeal, Natalie has started up two businesses – Natalie Q Inspire Ltd – motivational speaking & business consultancy work, whilst the other – Inspire 2 Quit Blades – a Community Interest Company – focusses on tackling the rising epidemic in knife crime through sharing her experience as the victim to ‘at risk’ youth groups – to give them the true reality and consequences of carrying a knife, whilst empowering them to make positive choices with regard to not carrying a blade of any type. Her book, Still Standing, is now available in 5 countries across the globe – Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and United Arab Emirates; and has hit top spots across different book charts here in the UK.

For anyone listening to her story, they will get a truly moving reminder that life can be pieced back together, no matter how bad the damage. Without a doubt, it will empower and inspire anyone who has ever faced true adversity to rise up and stand tall.

Motivational Speaking

With a story guaranteed to make all stop and listen, TEDx Speaker Natalie has astounded and inspired a wide range of audiences from various backgrounds, age groups and of varying size – from small intimate talks to large stage conferences. With a story so powerful, it has been shared on prime time TV shows – seeing Natalie interviewed on ITVs ‘This Morning’ and ‘Lorraine’ as well as national radio shows and shared in mainstream magazines – driving her book , ‘Still Standing’ to the top of various book charts.

No matter what audience, her key aim with every talk is to give hope and empowerment to all those that listen to her in addition to making every person in the audience realise that no matter how bad things get in life or how hard the unexpected may hit – you can get back from anything and make life even better.

Natalie shares her shocking story from before the horrifying attack, during it, through to the life changing aftermath with frank honesty and a mix of her own humour – something so vital in tackling such a hard hitting subject.

The odd tear may be shed, a sense of dumbfoundment, pure shock and possibly outrage will undoubtedly be felt in parts but a chuckle will suddenly take over and a sense of pure uplift sweeps over all as they learn about her fight back to be in the position she proudly stands today. She guarantees to leave her audiences believing that they really can achieve anything.

As Natalie walks her audience through her story, she shares the reasons how she managed to overcome such adversity – giving everyone practical ideas to implement in their own lives.

Described multiple times as Inspiring and Exceptionally Resilient, Natalie Queiroz – winner of numerous awards, including both an Inspirational Person award and (Birmingham) Community Champion award – utilises her professional speaking skills to command all sizes of audience.

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Business Consultancy

Coaching and Training

ILM3 and ILM5 qualified in coaching, Natalie has vast experience in business coaching from her 19 year career in the pharmaceutical industry, where she held, amongst project management and senior sales positions, the role of field trainer – running bespoke training courses in addition to 1:1 sales coaching to develop field teams to the best of their ability. A proven sales coach, Natalie is able to identify with individuals areas requiring growth and development and give them the opportunity through well structured coaching interactions, the ability to go from strength to strength.

If you are a business who would benefit from a highly qualified business coach to gain outstanding performances from your teams, helping them reach their full potential and your business see amazing growth out of your highly invested workforce, then fill out the form below for further conversations about how Natalie can surpass your needs.

Third Sector Consultancy

Since mid-2016 Natalie has highly invested in the charity sector, not only as a voluntary fundraiser but also an ambassador for the charity which played a key role in saving the life of her and her baby. Through her ambassador work, her relationships developed with a wide range of corporates. This experience then grew exponentially when she combined her vast business experience with her Third Sector passion and drive to become Head of National Corporate Partnerships for an established national children’s charity. 

Understanding the needs and demands in the Third Sector and how to gain the most fruitful and mutually beneficial partnerships with a range of corporate clients, Natalie can offer any charity her vast experience on a tailored demand basis to meet their bespoke business need.

Natalie’s passion to work with a variety of charities is clear through her continued commitment to fundraise for a wide variety of causes. To harness this passion and combined business ability, fill out the form below to start that conversation and realise how much further your charity could go with bespoke business support. 

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